My quest in couponing, cutting back, and saving more.

Reasons Why Target Is Better Than Walmart

on November 20, 2011

Reason 1:
Target has cuter, nicer, high quality clothes for cheaper than Walmart

Reason Two:
Target has more coupon stacking opportunities

Reason Three:
Target is happy to accept my coupons. Walmart didn’t give me credit for my coupons if they had to enter them by hand.

Last week I popped my coupon cherry at Target. I had several coupon stacking opportunities and have saved $90 at Target. I had a coupon that had a value on it for $1 off, but for some reason when it scanned, it only came up as $0.75 off. Without question, the register attendant adjusted it so I got the $1 off.
My second grocery shopping trip was at Walmart. The register attendant had a bad attitude toward me once she saw the coupons. She wasn’t even going to scan them until I asked her to. If I had a problem with a coupon where the barcode didn’t work and she would have to enter the code by hand, I didn’t get credit for the coupon. For example, I had a $2 off a Sally Hansen Beauty Tool with a minimum $2 value. Walmart had an eye lash curler for $2 so with the coupon I should have gotten it for free. When I checked my receipt I discovered she hadn’t entered the coupon. Talk about me being pissed! It was a great deal I lost out on! I don’t spend that much time clipping the coupons, planning my trip, and finding the items to not get credit for the coupons. I do not try and use expired coupons. I make doubly sure my items are exactly what the coupons are for so the coupons will be valid. I am 100% honest about my couponing and I do not deserve the horrible experience I had at Walmart.


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