My quest in couponing, cutting back, and saving more.

The First SCORE!

on November 14, 2011

I am back from my first couponing adventure.  I took my adventure to Target because that is where I had the only coupon stacking opportunities.  The down side to the trip was I wasn’t able to use all my coupons because they didn’t carry everything I had a coupon for.  And I had a great coupon for a butterball turkey, but they had sold out for the day.

The good news is I saved $28.72!  It would’ve been higher if I got my turkey.  Here is a list of the score:

Women’s Sweater originally $12.99  I got it for $8.99

Pajama Bottoms I got for free

Spagetti and Sauce $1

Axe Body Wash $2

Soft Soap Body Wash $2.79

I’m most excited that I got to use so many high value coupons.  Most were $0.75 off or higher.

4 Green Giant Steams Originally $1.52 a piece I got it for $1.08 a piece


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