My quest in couponing, cutting back, and saving more.

Step One

on November 11, 2011

So my first step in cutting back is to cut out the un-necessary.  Here are some of the un-necessaries:

1.  High-end Label Clothes

No one we know even knew what the labels are anyway.  I once spent $150 on a t-shirt.  Un-necessary.  Other places such as Target, Old Navy, and Kohl’s have clothes just as cute for a fraction of the price.  If I look for good deals, I occasionally can buy things at Banana Republic and J Crew.

Banana Republic Shawl Collar 1

Price: $108.00


Banana Republic Shawl Collar 2

Price: $52.50 Better Deal

2.  Dinner Out

When I worked, I never cooked.  I never got home early enough to cook.  I never had the energy to cook.  We only had dinner out.  We spent approximately $450 on lunch and dinners out for a week.  Now, I cook all meals at home and have a weekly grocery bill of about $120 a week.  With our current finances, this is still to high.  I just clipped my first coupons to use in this coming Sundays grocery trip.  I’ll let you know what the savings are.

3.  Name brand Foods

Growing up, my husband wasn’t as privileged as I was.  He often ate ham and beans, bologna aka ghetto steak as he calls it, potato soup.  He didn’t experience the deli ham until he was older.  Now he refuses to eat anything but deli ham.  No more Carl Buddig for him.  John works out a lot therefore eats a lot of protein.  He eats about 2lbs of deli meat a week in his lunches.  Our local grocery store only serves Boars Head meat which runs about $10/lb.  That is $20 a week just in lunch meat alone.  Sorry babe, but I can get you lunch meat from Walmart for half that price.

Boars Head Ham Sandwich

4.  High Heating Bills

During that time of year when we require heat, our heating bill runs about $300 a month with the heat set at 70 degrees.  We do own slippers and sweatshirts which are not uncommon to be worn during the winter months.  I think we can save some money by keeping the heat set at 60 degrees if we keep the sweatshirts on inside.  Its really not that uncomfortable.



2 responses to “Step One

  1. Sara Rigdon says:

    Good ideas! I’ve started couponing a lot lately so here are a few tips…

    You can stack MFG coupons and store coupons at target and walgreens! I got some halloween candy for free doing that

    Here’s a blog that lists all the deals of the week at all major grocery stores http://www.jillcataldo.com
    I went to one of her workshops and learned a lot. Good luck!

    • squeakytight says:

      Thanks a lot for the info. I found it really helpful and I will continue to follow her. I would love to stack MFG coupons on store coupons, but stores by us just don’t have store coupons. I remember the electronic coupon dispensers when I was a kid, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen one of those. Damn those extreme couponing people. DId you see the video on her site of the woman reselling her supply of groceries she got from extreme couponing. Disgusting.

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