My quest in couponing, cutting back, and saving more.

Hello world!

on November 11, 2011

Hello world!  My name is Katie and I am a recent stay at home mom.  Before becoming a stay at home mom, we thought we were living the life.  We shopped at Saks at least once a month.  Only bought high end label clothes.  Had a Beemer with thoughts of buying a second one for my husband to have a cute zippy car.  Only went out to eat at nice sit down places.  Were making tons of home improvements.  This past year we remodeled the living room, put in new windows, new siding, had plans of a new fence.  We took an annual vacation to Jamaica.  We loved to buy expensive gifts for people. especially for birthdays and Christmas.  We were avid savers for retirement.  We had money, nice stuff, never had to worry about our finances.  It felt great.

From on of our many trips to Jamaica

Now, money is so tight we can’t go out to eat.  Christmas feels like it will be impossible for Santa to even have one gift for our son.  My husband, John, has been nothing but crabby with me.  Come to find out we haven’t been “making it” from month to month like I thought we were.  We don’t escrow so each month we need to put $500 into savings to pay for our homeowners insurance and real estate taxes.  He dropped the bomb on me that we haven’t been able to put even a $1 away each month to cover this.

So why give the “good life” for our current circumstances?  You see before becoming a stay at home mom, I worked as an auditor and I traveled a lot for work.  I think it got to the point where I was out of town about 50% of the time.  When I was in town, I still didn’t get home till about 7pm at the earliest.  This left me with about an hour and a half of  “quality time” with my wonderful two year old son.  This quality time consisted of us being tired and crabby after a long day.  After a while, he began to resent me for being gone all the time.  This resentment led him to want nothing to do with me .  He couldn’t stand to even be in the same room with me.

I in turn began to want nothing to do with him because he was just plain nasty to me.  I eventually broke down (during the worst time imaginable) at my sisters wedding because I just could not take it anymore.  It was no way to live.  It just is not healthy for a mother and son to hate each other.

I have faith, however, that even in our current financial situation we can make this work.  I am on a quest to learn how to coupon.  Learn how to cut back. And get back to being the avid savers we once were.  My in-laws used to call my husband squeaky because before we had the money he would be so tight with the money his wallet squeaked.


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